I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, where I lived for the first 30 years of my life.  When I came to Canada and saw the differences between the Canadian and Thai diet I became interested in how food plays an important part in maintaining health and living a healthy lifestyle. I decided to learn about food and cooking by completing a Chef Diploma from the Liaison Chef School in downtown Toronto in 2003.

I returned to Thailand to attended the most respected Thai massage school, the Wat Po Thai Massage School. I took courses in advanced medical Thai massage, Thai foot massage and reflexology while in Bangkok. When I returned to Toronto I continued my education in Thai massage and in 2007 became a member of the Holistic Practitioner Association in Canada. I did not stop learning or growing my passion for body work and the connection to mind and spirit. In 2010, I became a certified yoga instructor with the Maureen Ray Yoga Studio, as well as gaining a certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Alexandra Bernal. 

My outlook on life has changed and evolved as I have blended my passion for food, good nutrition, health, and integration of body mind and spirit. My life experience and 10 years practicing and teaching Thai massage has led me to see myself as a healer. I am passionate about helping people to rejuvenate their body, mind and spirit, whether it is through offering advice on nutrition or giving a Thai massage or teaching the time-honoured techniques that I learned at Wat Po. 

I have seen how the ancient, healing art of Thai massage helps from the inside out, to relieve pain, stress and blocked energy. Thai massage is a wholistic practice which offers an alternative to a dependency on pharmaceuticals and a depressed state of mind. The Thai massage that I practice, uses the Sip Sen energy lines, which helps to stretch and relax the body, refresh the mind and energize the spirit. I feel I have achieved my goal when my clients tell me they feel enlivened, happy and ready to face the World after a session. 


Nutjaree Saengjan

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