My focus is on the root cause of health problems. If we can address the deeper health issues causing the problems the symptoms you are experiencing will naturally disappear. My treatment goal is to use the minimum amount of stimulation required to induce deep natural healing in your body.

With homeopathy I am able to utilize the body’s natural inclination to maintain homeostasis (balance) and leverage the body’s natural responses to promote healing.  A properly selected remedy will stimulate a deep reaction that will cascade throughout your entire system.

With nutrition I am able to remove obstacles to healing and support you as you heal. The correct nutritional supports will provide your body with the fundamental elements it needs to overcome disease.

The combination of deep healing and supportive strategies results in my patients often reporting that in addition to resolving their main complaints they also generally feel stronger and more vital. I love hearing that!

I treat a wide range of patients from children to the elderly, suffering from an even wider range of ailments. However, over the past several years my practice has allowed me to develop specialities while successfully working with patients to improve their digestive issues, mental health, skin conditions and hormone imbalances.

All recommended homeopathic prescriptions are included in the cost of your appointment.

Kerri Flood
(416) 579-6234
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