I was born in Laos (south east Asia), grew up in France, then travelled around the world before finally landing here in Canada. Life has the incredible yet simple power to present opportunities and people that help us discover new directions. While traveling in Laos I met my wife who is from Toronto. I followed her all the way here and am now blessed with the most beautiful present – a little one that runs the house.

I trained in Thai energy and bodywork in Wat Po, Thailand in 2003 and have been practicing for 10 years now. I regularly go back to Thailand to restore myself, meditate and take inspiration from different masters in this art of massage. Before joining The Life Loft team I practiced at the Thai Massage Toronto School and Clinic for 6 years as a senior practitioner and evaluator for the students in training. 

I am very happy for the opportunity to join the enthusiastic, experienced and talented team at The Life Loft. 

Description of services
Thai massage is performed on a large size mat on the floor, surrounded with pillows and other cushions and bolsters. Clients are fully dressed in comfortable, loose clothing. It is the perfect way to be moved and stretched. Many of the stretches are similar to those done in yoga classes and the energy moves through channels in the same way, which is what gives this practice its name… Thai Yoga Massage. 

Sensitivity to individual needs allows me to find the right techniques to tailor the session to suit each client. It could be strong, calm, relaxing or challenging. Breathing is an important part of the treatment. It promotes relaxation so that clients can let go of the stress and tension that we tend to carry with us every day. 

I am also certified in Thai Foot Reflexology and Thai Oil Massage. But I almost exclusively do Thai Yoga Massage. This style is my forte and my passion and I love being able to share it with clients. 

I am very grateful for what Life has brought to me and for the people that I meet. It will be an honour to take care of you and give you the best possible Thai Yoga Massage experience.



Jerome Phouthavong (Saya)
Thai Massage Specialist
Licensed Holistic Practitioner (LHP)
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