I have been working in the field of self-care and personal growth for the past 20 years. With an academic background in psychology and psychoanalytic thought and training in yoga and meditation I bring together eastern and western philosophies to help deal with anxiety, depression, pain syndromes, eating disorders.
Movement classes and massage therapy create space to explore the journey of embodiment - how our individual body tells the story of our life, holds our history, expresses our thoughts, emotions, pains and joys.
The Life Loft is my opportunity to create a space where this work can flourish in a community of like-minded practitioners and teachers. I am grateful for this opportunity and honoured that you have chosen to embark here. 

H. B.Sc. University of Toronto, Psychology, Psychoanalytic Thought
Registered Massage Therapist
Craniosacral Therapy
Certificate Ayurvedic Medicine
Yoga Teacher Trainer

ELDOA Instructor

Description of services

Registered Massage Therapy:
Therapeutic oil massage for a range of conditions and concerns. Hands-on private sessions incorporate a variety of therapeutic massage modalities. Treatment for injuries, postural health, stress reduction, pregnancy and chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.
Clients are recommended to book 1.5 hours for their initial appointment to allow time for intake and assessment. Subsequent sessions can be of any duration.

Breast Massage:
Specialized post operative massage for breast surgeries. Breast massage can improve lymph drainage and the effects of cording, minimize scar adhesions and restore range of motion. Most importantly it allows women to reacquaint themselves with their body and feel more integrated.

Craniosacral Therapy:
Gentle and light, craniosacral therapy balances the nervous system, helps with migraines, jaw pain, grinding, stress.
It works subtly but effectively with the fascial system providing therapeutic relief throughout the whole body. Ideal for those dealing with chronic pain that might not respond well to pressure or drag on tissues.  
Stillpoint, - the caveat of craniosacral therapy- is the balanced flow of the cerebral spinal fluid that takes you into stillness akin to deep meditation. The mind rests. The body heals.

Private & Group Classes:

ELDOA Method - For back care and pain relief techniques. 

Eclectic Stretch - A combination of exercise modalities from remedial therapeutic exercise, ball and theraband, snippets of pilate’s, Feldenkrais and yoga.

Private Sessions are available to help you with specific individual needs to help you on the road to recovery.
Christine Cinq Mars

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